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 Neverland Valley Ranch

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PostSubject: Neverland Valley Ranch   April 8th 2010, 11:43 pm

I found this fic on the "Neverland Nights" site and I have to say I have NEVER read such a lemon in MY LIFE! OMFG. IT killed me sooooo softly, then it murdered me VIOLENTLY!! I hope you enjoy it too :DD Break out your defibrillators gurls!! LOL xDD

'Neverland Valley Ranch'

writer: SexyMJJ 2006

Chapter 1

You were standing outside the gates of Neverland. You were on business in California, and could not miss the opportunity to come to this place. You turned and survey the valley, the scent of freshly cut grass filled you senses, and you thought of all your favourite Michael songs. You could not believe you were here!

You looked in the other direction and saw your car parked on the dirt track at the roadside. You should probably be leaving now. You had to catch a flight back to Europe, and you didn't want to miss it.

You walked past the intercom, and to your shock, you heard it buzz. Intercoms don't buzz by themselves. Do they?

You opened the hatch, and hesitated before pressing the big red button.


"Hello Miss. This is Mr Jackson's security."

You smoothed your hair behind your neck, and felt the goosebumps.

"I hope I wasn't any trouble, I thought it was okay to come here. I was just leaving."

The voice deepened. "Mr Jackson wants exactly that. He wants you to cum here. Many times, in his Neverland palace. Michael has seen you on our security cameras, and he likes what he sees very much."

Your ears must have enlarged at hearing that. Before you could speak, the voice was there again.

"He is sending a car to come and collect you. Wait there."

Your heart stopped, and started again. Never in all your Neverland fantasies had you imagined this scenario. Michael Jackson was sending a car to come and collect you... To... 'cum many times in his Neverland palace'? You couldn't process the thought because it was too much for your brain to handle.

You had never been with a guy before, only in your dreams. And you had never been attracted to a man as much or in the same way as you are to Michael. You were in love with him, you always had been. You had always vowed that your first time would be with a man who loved you, but the prospect of even just seeing Michael made your head spin. You did not know yet what you were going to do.

Two men took you in a golf cart up to the ranch.

The cart pulled up outside the famous front entrance to the main house. The smell of fresh roses, azaleas, lilies and daisies filled your nose. There were hundreds of flowers, all arranged to make a pattern on the front lawn. The size of the house, and the wonderful arrangement of the house, made you realise who it was you were about to meet. You felt slightly overwhelmed and intimidated.

Then a large clock started playing music. Lady in My Life swirled in the air, passing the time as you waited for Michael to meet you at the bottom of the steps. It was such an intimate song... It reminded you of why you loved Michael. Not for the massive ranch, and the fame and success. He was damn sexy, and passionate and loving. You didn't know what you felt more for him right now - love, or lust, or a perfect combination of the two.

"Ahem." Only one person has that cough. You snapped out of your daze, and beheld the most awesome sight ever captured by human eyes.

"Michael," was all you could say.

"Hello. It's lovely to meet you. The ranchers said that you were having car trouble,"

Huh? That wasn't true.

"and that you wanted to use the phone. I said you could come up to the house and that I'd love to meet you."

You were surprised and you had to admit more than a little disappointed.

"Uhm... My car, it's working fine now. I managed to fix it as I was waiting for the ranchers," you lied.

"Ah, I see. You can fix cars? I'm impressed." His eyes looked you up and down... He looked impressed at the rest of what he could see. You had on a tank top, and you had forgotten to wear a bra. You were not sure whether you regretted that, or not, as the wind blew across your chest.

You took in the sight before you. Michael was wearing the tightest blue jeans, which framed his bulge. He had on a black lace shirt, just like the one from the YANA video. You wouldn't mind re-creating the rest of that video, you thought. The top four buttons were undone, and you could see his chest through the lace. His hair was curly and held back in a ponytail. His lips were full and pink, and the next time he spoke he showed you the smile that melted you in more than one place.

"Won't you come inside? I can get you a drink or something."

You followed Michael inside. He hadn't touched you at all. All those fans in his videos got big hugs... And you, nothing. This angered you slightly. As you walked through the hallway, you forgot about Michael and focused on the artwork.

"This painting Michael - is this inspired by Van Gogh?"

Michael turned around. "I'm sorry?" He walked toward you and you could smell his strong cologne as he stood very close.

You coughed to clear your now drying throat. "This reminds me very much of 'Starry Night' by Van Gogh. The night sky has the same impressionist, escapist feel to it and some sections of it - here and here - are copies of the original. The scene with you and the children brings a fresh dimension to the life of someone who had so much tragedy."

You paused, and Michael willed you on with his listening eyes.

"And what I find circular about it, is that the children in the painting, are what helps to bring your escapism. So there's escapism within an escapist medium, featuring two artists who have experienced as much tragedy and success as the other. Van Gogh's night sky is not copied because its effective. It is copied as an indirect way of putting him in the picture with you. It's quite amazing really."

Michael was floored. "You... Gosh, what else do you know? I want to know more. I... There was true art in your interpretation." His arm reached out to you, but fell back by his side. Your heart skipped a beat when you suddenly remembered. His shyness. You silently cursed the Neverland workers for playing such a joke on such an innocent, reserved man who couldn't even bring himself to touch you.

Then Michael started banging you like a worn out whore.

At least that's what you hoped for.

As soon as you entered the living room, he turned and kissed you with a hot, steaming kiss. It felt too natural for you to be surprised. It just felt more right than anything you'd ever known. Your tongues snaked and danced - and boy what a dancer he was. You pulled and tugged at his jeans, rubbing his bulge with your hand. You wanted him so badly. He was everything to you and there was no doubt in your mind that you wanted him inside you.

You took off your top, and as soon as it was free he immediately sucked on your breast. It was the most intense feeling. Your pussy was hot and flowing under his touch. He sucked on the other breast, and it was the most turned on you had been in your life. You were anxious because this could end at any moment - you didn't know what was real or not in this scenario. You were just going to enjoy it.

"What do you want me to say..." Michael nuzzled against your neck, the warm breath stirring you still higher.

"I... Oh I'd love for you to say "Aaaow!" when you thrust your dick inside me."

"Maybe that's what you should be saying."

Michael needed no more seducing. This was it.

He pulled away from you, and covered your naked chest with your shirt. Even now he was being a gentleman. Love and lust stirred in your chest at the same time. Sexual excitement won the day, and you pulled his hand to your mouth and sucked on all his fingers as you walked towards his bedroom.

You wanted him so much, you didn't know what to do with him. Everything in the room was turning you on - the fedoras hanging on the hat stand, the loafers sitting on the floor, and the sequin glove in the glass case. Everything. And even more of a turn-on was the hot, sexy man sitting on the bed infront of you, pulling you towards him.

You stood between his legs, and Michael ran his hands up your back, and then down into your underwear to drag his fingers through the flesh of your buttocks. It felt so good.

"Ahhhhhhhh......." you moaned as he did it again.

"Michael.... I want you to suck on my clit. And I want to play with your dick and get fucked by it."

Michael looked up at you. "Not before I do this..." He pulled you down towards him, and gave you a long, sensuous kiss. How could anything feel like this? Tears streamed down your face, as you realised something. The tension in your stomach increased. Michael stood up and held you in his arms.

"Michael... I don't know if I can do this."

Michael looked away. For a second, you died a thousand deaths when the thought entered your head that he might be pulling away because you wouldn't sleep with him. When he turned back to you, the look on his face caused that thought to evaporate.

"I ... I am so... So sorry..." he said in a gentle whisper. He took a deep breath and exhaled.

"I haven't been honest with you," he said, looking down.

"What? What do you mean, Michael?" This new revelation took your mind off the intense feelings of a moment before.

"I... I have to show you something," was all he said. He handed you your shirt, and you shyly put it back on. Funny how you felt shy after a minute ago you said you wanted to suck and fuck the man.

He smiled at you. You realised why you felt nervous, and ill. Every time you looked at him, you thought you just weren't enough for him. His smile alone made you want to suck at the lips that framed it. Made you want to pull at every fibre of his being. This wonderful, talented, awesome, awesome man. But knowing he didn't feel the same, made you feel hollow, empty and rejected, even in his arms. Your heart was slowly shattering into a thousand pieces.

"Hey," he said, pulling at your chin to look at him. "I've hurt you, and I think I know why. I mean, I know I do. You didn't come all this way to my home, because you feel nothing for me. I know that. God do I know that. I... Right now I know I don't have the right to touch you. I haven't been open with you. Or to say the least very respectful at all. Please, come with me. Please."

He leaned in and hesitated, but he couldn't help himself. A light kiss found its way onto your cheek, but he knew not to place one on your lips. He pressed his cheek to yours, and sighed.

You nodded and agreed to follow him.

You walked slightly apart, and the small distance between you felt like a raging gorge. You didn't want to waste all this precious time here with him, on being angry. Over something that shouldn't really even be happening.

Who was he? Did you really know him at all?

The thought found its way to the back of your mind, as a new one surfaced.

"Michael... I can't believe I'm missing Taina to be here."

He laughed, well giggled actually. "Hey, that's MY show! I love watching all the shows on Nickelodeon!"

"Taina's great! They played it on the aeroplane on my way over here.... OH NO!"

Michael turned to you with concern. "My flight! I was rushing off to catch a plane, just before I got let inside Neverland... I'm sure to have missed it," you gasped.

Michael put his hand on your shoulder, and you considered pulling away since you weren't sure you wanted physical contact. But his voice was so soothing when he said, "It's okay... Don't worry. You can always catch a later one.... Or do you have to be back for something urgent?"

"Not unless you call looking for a new job, urgent!" you laughed. "No, it's not urgent, I just got worried that's all."

He smiled. "You don't have to worry about anything when I'm around."

But that's the thing Michael. When you say things like that, I'm in trouble. I was already in love with you before I got here. Which worries me very much.

You went back to the subject. "That Taina needs to shape up on her talent though, right? All the actors are so good to pretend that girl can sing! Even I can sing better than that!"

Michael giggled again. You were glad that your sarcastic humour was appreciated by him.

"I almost put in a call to Suzanne de Passe when I heard that girl holler! Taieeeeeenaaa.... Taaieeeennaaa.... She sounds like I did the last time I sang live! And no jokes about me not singing live anymore! Hee hee!"

Michael was poking fun at himself! He had you in stitches. He pulled the funny face that he does in Ghosts, where his eyes meet in the middle and he looks like a duck. You involuntarily reached out and tickled him. He tickleed you back, and you couldn't take it, so you started to run.

"Stop!" he yelled, laughing. "You don't know where to run! I'm showing you the way! Hey wait up!"

Michael caught up with you. You leaned over slightly to catch your breath, and you felt his eyes on you, watching you. You choose to look him directly back in the eyes, and he looked away before you could catch his gaze.

You walked out into the garden. There was a narrow path, not big enough for both of you to walk on. Michael stood aside to let you walk on the path whilst he walked on the grass.

"We're going down there," he said, pointing towards a small pond with a tiny house next to it, maybe 10 minutes walk away.

Your mind was a circus of activity. Your stomach was pumping away, making you feel nauseated. What was happening here? Where was he taking you? He said he hadn't been open with you ... You had visions of him opening the door to the house at the end of the path, and being greeted by a harem of women. No. That wasn't right... That wasn't something Michael would do. Even if you didn't know what he was thinking right now, you were sure you knew what kind of man he was.

Michael's hand brushed against yours many times as you walked along, but neither of you said a word. Your heart sank into your feet when he suddenly pulled away and put his hands in his pockets instead. You walked even faster, both to get away from him for doing that, and to get towards the out-house even quicker.

Michael kept up with your pace, and seemed to be rushing towards it even faster now. It became a game - you walked ahead, and then he ran up behind you and overtook you. Michael then started running at high speed.

"Hey Michael!... Wait up!" you gasped, as you raced him to the end of the path.

Michael didn't slow down. When he got to the end of the path he bent over, catching his breath by the pond, as you came in second place. Michael had a big grin on his face.

"You're lucky I don't push you in," you said.

He laughed, but you didn't.

"You're mad at me for winning a race?" he said, a frown forming on his face.

"Who said I was mad at you?"

"Well... Just... It's just a vibe I'm getting from you that's all." He stood a few feet away from you, with his hands jammed in his pockets, tapping his foot.

"Not everybody gets jealous of you when you win something."

Michael glared at you.

"Not everybody is such a sore loser," he retorted.

"What are we doing here anyway? Huh? What kind of show are you running here?"

Michael's eyes widened. "I'm sorry?" Comments alluding to there being something suspect about where he lives were hurtful, and made him very angry.

"Exactly what do you mean by that? Maybe I should be asking who the hell you think YOU are?"

He stepped towards you, and you took a step back.

"Well? Have you got anything else you want to say about my home?"

You were never one to apologise. The anger sprang forth from you like a burst pipe.

"Who said anything about your home? You're the one inviting girls up here, and then messing with their heads when they get here." It felt wrong as soon as you said it, but it was too late to back down.

Michael opened his mouth to speak, and then walked away.

You turned to walk in the other direction, and paused. What would you do? Just leave?

Your feet remained glued to the spot.

"Michael!" you called, but Michael was walking hastily towards the forest.

You chased after Michael, who was not slowing down.

"Michael!" was all you could say. 'Sorry' was not in your vocabulary.

He wouldn't look at you when you caught up with him. The veins at his temples bulged, his fury was obvious to you. "Michael... I.... I ..." You couldn't apologise. He had shouted at you, and he had taken what you said out of context.

So you walked alongside him. You walked through thick forest, and night creatures' eyes glinted at you from the bushes. You wanted to hold onto Michael, but you didn't dare. You walked through dense undergrowth, snagging your skirt on sharp twigs, cutting your leg... But Michael wasn't stopping so you kept walking. The cold wind blew goosebumps onto your skin, your bare arms and shoulders had no resistance to the icy winds. You started to shiver. Your watch showed that you'd been walking for over an hour now. This was getting ridiculous and you were tired. That's it, I'm going back you thought.

Just as you were considering going back, Michael turned towards you.

"There it is," he said, pointing up towards the sky.

Your goosebumps tripled in size and a wave of emotion came over you, as it dawned on you where you were.

"Your giving tree," you said in a soft whisper.

"Michael... I'm so sorry. I lost my temper, and I should not have d-d-d-one that," you said, teeth chattering in the cold wind.

"Oh my! You're freezing!" Michael rushed towards you, and surprised you by wrapping his arms around you in a bear hug. It was an embrace you never wanted to end. He rubbed your back, and pulled away, taking your icy fingers into his warm hands.

You looked down, suddenly very emotional.

"Michael... it's just that... Well you didn't have to pretend you didn't know why I'd been called up to the ranch. Your workers spelled it out quite clearly... I guess I was a fool for thinking it would be anything more than just you looking for ... company."

You couldn't look him in the eye because you knew that kind of truth stung.

"What? I was looking for what? I told you exactly what they told me... That your car was having problems."

"Oh. Right..."

"Wait, so what did you think I wanted you to come to the ranch for?"

Your hands were shaking in his now. How would you tell him that you thought you were coming there... For sex? How would that look?

You stumbled with your words. "They ... They said... Well, they said you were looking at your security cameras, and that you liked the look of what you saw. And that you wanted me to come up to the ranch."

You waited for Michael to erupt into anger and storm off again.

Instead, he laughed.

"Hee hee! They what? Ok I'm laughing now, and somebody is gonna get fired... But that is kind of funny! They set me up! ... Oh gosh - and then I turned around and kissed you - how must that have looked?"

"Well... I said I wasn't sure I should have come here... And they said ... No, nothing."

"Oh tell me! What did they say! This has never happened to me before!"

"Well, they said you wanted me to cum, many times up in your Neverland ranch."

Michael laughed, and then looked at you seriously, as if he wanted exactly that. The tension in the air had you go from freezing cold to boiling hot.

"I wanted to show you my Giving Tree, because it's a big step for me to trust somebody again. I thought that if you kept walking, without knowing were or why, that you were the person I always thought you were."

Something in what he said made your heart skip a beat. The person he always thought I was? He'd only known you for a few hours, but he was sounding like he'd known you forever. The chilly wind put to rest any further thoughts.

"The tree... It's lovely Michael... Tall, wide, strong, with firm roots. And giving. It really is your tree."

Michael laughed, but you weren't joking. There was a lot you wanted to tell him.

"Michael I - "

"I know - you want to get back to the ranch right? Don't worry, we won't have to walk, we can catch a ride back."

He still held your hands. As you turned to walk on, he said bashfully, "Is it okay if I ... hold your hand?" You nodded yes. Less than a minute away was a golf cart. You jumped in, and Michael drove you back to the ranch.

The golf cart pulled up back where the fight had started, near the pond. Michael stepped out and took you by the hand.

"Listen. I know that this has probably been a very strange, emotional evening for you. Back in the house when we... Kissed... Well, given what I sensed then, and what I know now... You must have thought I was an unfeeling jerk.... Gosh... I...* Well, I have the perfect way to show you what's in my heart. I know yours, and it's time you knew mine."

Michael reached into his pocket, and took out a key. He walked over to the cottage, and unlocked the large padlock securing it.

He flung the doors open, and a cloud of dust flew up in the breeze. Michael coughed as he reached inside and turned on a light.

"Come... Come and see what's inside," he said reaching his hand out to you.

You didn't know how many more surprises you could handle tonight. You shuffled over to the tiny cottage, which could hold no more than one person at a time.

You didn't believe your eyes at first. In reality, nothing inside the cottage should have surprised you, because you had seen it all before.

"Michael..." was all you could say. He squeezed your hand in his, passing the love from his heart to yours.

"It's everything you ever sent me. I got all of it. Your poems, your drawings, the cuddly toys... The letter you sent me with the story of your life... I was drawn to you from the moment I saw you outside my hotel in '95. It's been ten years. Do you remember? I hardly remember a face but I remembered yours. I'd just finished 3 concerts that week, and I felt so, so alone.

"Your smile, it cheered me up, and I was blown away by the person behind it when I read your letter. Then I kept seeing you - at the Oxford Union, the soccer grounds, at Harrods... But I was always too shy to say anything. But I always made sure I collected something from you. Your spirit floated up from the pages and danced away with my own."

A tear dropped onto your cheek. You were stunned. "But Michael... What's all the other stuff? I didn't send you all of these things."

"These..." he said picking up a letter, "are things that I made for you."

Shock gripped your heart and stole your breath away.

He continued. "I never in my wildest dreams thought we would meet like this. But I thought one day I might get to tell you, I'm as much a fan of you ... as you are me. I must admit, I'm kind of in awe of you. I almost feel slightly intimidated to be standing near you. I was amazed just to hear the sound of your voice. I saw into your life. I saw into your problems. I saw into your triumphs. I saw into your willingness to love, even when for most people love isn't an option. I saw into your forgiveness. I saw into your talents. I saw into your very unique - gosh I love it so much - your sense of humour. What you said about your grandmother, that had me in stitches. You made me laugh, cry, smile, and want for more and more with every single thing you gave me.

"You were there for me, always. I know how hard it is to get close to me. I'm practically unreachable. Yet you always found a way - you must have suffered so much to do it. Spent so much time and money, slept on hard streets... Gosh knows what else... But I always looked for your face in the crowds. I needed to see it. I came to depend on it. I felt less alone. I walked taller because of you."

You reached up and felt the silky smooth skin as you wiped a tear from his eye.

"I think those guards at the gate must have known. They all know. That you are truly, the lady in my life. Whatever you feel for me, believe me I feel ten times more than that for you. You're the only person in my whole life who has made me feel so... Connected."

Michael.... Michael.... Michael.... You never tired of that name, that face, or that voice. And now here he was, and here you were....

"Well Michael...Then let's make that connection."

You knew you were going to be in for a looooong night!


Michael took your hand in his and led you back towards the ranch. His grip was firm and he stroked the palm of your hand with his thumb. It gave you chills, and he must have felt it too, because he interlocked his fingers with yours and moved in to walk closer to you. Was it the heat of his body, or the anticipation of what was to come that made you sweat?

As the ranch steps came closer, you thought about what had just happened. Michael had been watching you for years... And it had just taken all his courage to admit it to you.

"Are you cold?" Michael asked.

"I should be... I mean it is chilly out tonight. But I'm feeling really hot."

"You are..." Michael's voice trailed off.

"What did you say?" you laughed.

"Nothing..." he grinned. You could see even in the twilight that he was blushing. I'll make you blush so much when we get back to the house your face will stay that way.

Each step up into the Neverland mansion felt like climbing a mountain. You pulled him by the hand and ran up the last few steps. The moment you stepped inside Michael grabbed you and pushed you against the wall. His eyes burned hazel under the hallway spotlights, and the look in his face made you think of the final moments of the Thriller video. He was hungry for every last part of you. He had you pinned against the wall, and you were both breathing heavily, and the feel of his breath on your face caused you to lean in to kiss his silky lips.

But Michael pulled away. You leaned in even further and his strong arms pinned you against the wall. He rammed his crotch into you and you could feel his massive bulge throbbing against you. You were now so horny that you could have buried him alive with your body.

"Michael..." you winced, as he rubbed himself against you. Where he was rubbing was contacting exactly on your hot spot and he wasn't about to give in.

Still with your arms pinned against the wall, his mouth went straight for your nipple. He sucked and licked on it until the fabric on your top had worn thin. The sensation of the material, the hotness of his tongue, and his teeth grazing over nipple nearly sent you over the edge. Involuntarily your legs parted even wider, allowing him greater access to your hot, throbbing pubic area.

He brought his mouth back up to your neck, but he didn't kiss you there. Instead he breathed lightly on the base of your neck, and into your ears. Meanwhile he was thrusting up and down against your crotch, where the feelings were building higher and higher inside you. He still had your arms against the wall, and you were desperate to be released so you could increase the contact. He had you so aroused, dry-humping you against the wall, and yet it wasn't enough to take you over the edge, and he knew it. Your wetness soaked right through to the surface of your clothes, only making it feel more incredible.

The only thing he said to you was, "You are in for a long night." You were in agony. You wanted to cum so badly. His lips traced your neck, lightly nipping occasionally. He rode you against the wall, up and down, up and down, harder and harder, harder and harder... He rode you like that for over an hour. At first you were trying to break free from his grip, but after the first twenty minutes or so you stopped fighting so hard. By this time, a whole hour later, you could just about stand. He had you exactly in a state where you were in a constant state of climax, but without actually having an orgasm.

You were in heaven. Your clit had never known such pleasure and yet your pussy had never known such hunger, as it screamed out pulsating over and over for Michael to enter you. But with both of you still fully clothed, there was no chance of that happening and it was driving you erotically insane. Your breathing was shallow and your eyes were rolling to the back of your head. You could not believe how amazing this was. But it was getting to the point where you just couldn't take it, and frankly neither could Michael. If you didn't take your clothes off soon, you were going to remain in this state of orgasmic limbo until something gave way.

Michael took a step back away from you and you saw him for what felt like the first time. Some of his curls were hanging loosely into his face and his hair was dripping wet. His face was flushed and he looked like he'd just been fucked a thousand times.

"I..." he breathed. He looked at you with concern and then let go of your arms.

Once glance at his massive erection told you that he too had not had an orgasm yet, but he had definitely been enjoying the ride.

"Come..." he said, and he pulled you into his arms for a long tender kiss. It was like kissing him for the first time, only there was more familiarity between you after the preceeding fuckfest. Your arms were now free to roam and you rubbed his back, and snaked your fingers in his hair frantically, as if he might disappear at any moment. His hands slipped under your top and you could feel cold hands on your back, which warmed up very quickly.

"Michael... " you said, breaking away. "Are you shy to fuck me?"

He avoided your eyes for a moment. You knew how strict his religion was, and the chances were that it could be his first time.

He nodded. It seemed ironic that after what had just happened, he was suddenly shy. But it was all making sense.

You quivered when you realised that you felt the same way. This was a big deal, the two of you were going to have sex. You had only just met that same day, and no matter what you felt for each other, you were by no means settled down with rings on your fingers.

"Ok Michael," you said firmly. "I understand. I feel the same way... The next step is a big deal. Hell, the last step was a big deal to me too. I've never gone all the way with anyone before."

It was your turn to look shy, and a little bit defeated. You looked down, and Michael tipped your chin up so your eyes met. His eyes... In those eyes you saw so much. You could see the confusion and concern in his eyes, and he didn't need to say anything to express that.

Finally, you reached out and held on to him. You felt his arms wrap around you, and he pulled you into the warmest most comforting embrace of your life.

"It's okay.... I want you so badly... But I also want this to be right. I want you to know that when I say I love you, I really mean it."

Suddenly a small cloud of doubt rained on you as you realised that as much as you knew each other, you only really knew each other from a distance. You still loved him desperately, but you knew in your heart that it had to be right.

"Regular folks like us let guests sleep on the sofa," you laughed.

"Hee hee!" he grinned. "Well... I respect you, so as much as I want you next to me tonight, you can have the sofa!"

You rubbed his abdomen as you walked down the hall, Michael with his arm around you, and he showed you to the guest room where you would sleep for tonight. Or at least, try.

Chapter 2


After Michael had kissed you goodnight, you watched as he disappeared up the spiral staircase to his room. Moments later, a maid appeared who reminded you of your mother's best friend.

She smiled sweetly at you, and handed you some nightclothes and some towels. You thought of your mom and how much she would be approving of you right now for doing the right thing and sleeping apart tonight.

After showering and changing, you climbed into the huge queensized four-poster bed. The bed felt small in such a huge room. It had white walls and wooden floors, and quite a minimalist feel to it. Clearly not a room Michael spends much time in, you thought, or else there would be gaudy statues everywhere. "It's my taste," he'd said to Martin Bashir in that interview.

Gosh.... What am I doing? I'm thinking of Michael Jackson in old videos I have at home... And I'm lying in a bed in a room in his house!

You smiled with glee at the triumph of the love you had for this man, taking you so far into his home and his heart.

Your smile faded when you realised... This is serious. By some miracle, he feels the same way about me. Under the heavy blanket, your skin tingled everywhere he had touched you.

Why did he send me to my room? He said he respects me, but lying here alone doesn't feel right. He has my heart in his hands, and right now I feel like it's slipping through his fingers.

You suddenly felt very emotional and surprised yourself when your burst into floods of tears. You couldn't stop. It was all so overwhelming, you couldn't make sense of any of it.

No. I have to protect my dignity, I can't give in and just sleep with Michael just because he's Michael Jackson. Even if I do love him.... No. I will tell him tomorrow that this isn't going to happen.

A knock at the door shook you out of your self-pitying thoughts.

You wiped your eyes, and left the main lights off so that whoever it was couldn't see that you'd been crying. You felt a flutter of butterflies at the thought - Michael was knocking at your door!

As you door opened wide enough for you to see who it was... Your heart fell through your chest onto the floor. It was the maid again. Part of you wanted to tell her to get lost, and yet she smiled so sweetly you asked her what she wanted.

"Mr Jackson asked for me to give you this, ma'am."

"Thank you," you said quietly and took the folded paper from her hands.

You savoured every moment of getting a note from Michael. You paced around the room, went to the window and gazed at the moon like a love-struck puppy, and then flopped onto your bed to read the note.

"Dear [your name],

I'm lying in my bed right now, and I cannot believe that you are here, or what's happened. This is a dream come true.

In an ideal world, I would have seen you outside my hotel all those years ago... And had the courage to ask you out. We would have gone on dates, and learned about each other, and felt the pain of being without each other. I would have wondered every day how you really felt about me, and yet I would have known the most important thing: is that we're together. And that you brighten my days in ways that no other person can do. I would have let you know that, and in an ideal world, when I asked you to marry me, you would have said yes.

In an ideal world, after all was said and done we'd be sleeping together, lying in each other's arms tonight.

But this is not an ideal world. I've messed things up so badly. I kissed you the moment you walked in the door of my home. I cringed when I laid here and remembered that, you must have wondered what kind of person does that. For me it was wonderful - I've loved you for so long from a distance. I completely forgot myself, and the way things are supposed to be, and I wanted you right then and there. Somehow things worked out so you could know my feelings... And then I... Something took over inside me and when we got back to the house I just had to have you. It is so strong.

But I just don't seem to be getting it right. What do you think?

There's a laptop in your room... It connects straight to mine. If you're not too tired, you can write back to me.

Michael xxx

PS: You have a very kind soul... Thank you for all the gifts you've ever sent me."

You felt a lump in your throat as you choked back the tears. You jumped up and found the computer. You loaded the progam aptly titled 'Michael's room' and sat staring at the screen for a moment or two thinking of what to write.

"Dear Michael,

I was in a mess before I got your note, and that's the truth. Your letter was like CPR to the dying! *laugh*

Seriously.... Michael, in an ideal world, all of the things you wrote could have happened. But in an ideal world, even if we'd met, courted and married, I would still have the same feelings as I do for you now. I'd still have been all shaken up, because that's what you do to me.

You're worried that you've made a mess of things. I'm not. If we'd met properly at your hotel.... And you'd let me inside... I'd be questioning all my 'ideals', in exactly the same way I am now.

Lying beneath you like this is torture.

I miss you.

Me xxx"

You pressed Send. And waited. Your throat felt dry, so you wandered into the bathroom to get a drink of water. You weren't sure if it was drinking water but then you smiled to yourself when you recalled the rumour that Michael bathes in Evian.

The sound of the computer suddenly playing Bad made you jump. You ran to the computer and saw those magic three words 'You've Got Mail'. You sat down and opened the message, your heart banging to be let out of your chest.

"I can't stand this. I need you. I've always needed you. And now ... I can't wait any more. I just need you next to me, and I don't ever want to let you go."

A few moments later, a message flashed up on the screen. It said, "Hello?"

But you were already halfway up that spiral staircase finding your way to Michael's room.

* * *

As you ran up the staircase, your head was spinning with all the experiences that had led up to this point. The first time you'd heard a Michael Jackson song, and the magic and curiosity you'd felt. The first time you saw him dance on the TV - it was as if it were only you and him in the room. The hours upon hours you had spent listening to his music. Part of you wouldn't let him take full credit for his gift - you completely agreed when he'd said he was an instrument of nature. But it was the hard work, the grit, the determination, the sacrifices and the triumps that made you respect Michael Jackson.

It was all those things which had enabled him to channel his craft into something tangible that the whole world could be in awe at.

And he had wrapped up that amazing package with an honest and pure heart.

At least, that's what you knew and thought up until this moment.

The reality was... This wasn't about your pre-conceived notions about who lives in this house. This was about a real person, with a real personality - someone who made you feel comfortable and intimidated and wanted, all at the same time. He was one in a billion. The perfect man. Your perfect man.

You slid around and almost fell when you reached the first landing, because the marble floor had been freshly buffed. To your left there was a long corridor, with unopen doors to several rooms. The view to your right was much the same.

Which way do I go from here?

You slapped your forehead like a performing seal when you recalled that Michael had gone up several flights of stairs after bidding you goodnight. The thought entered your head that maybe there was an elevator which could take you to his floor, and you laughed to yourself because you didn't know if that was a realistic option or you just being silly. If there was a lift, you'd definitely be pressing all the right buttons...

That thought had you running up the second flight of stairs, a third, and a fourth. As you caught your breath you could hear noises coming from one of the bedrooms.

You crept along the corridor, careful not to make a sound. Your breathing increased as you neared the door, because this was getting risky. Who could be in there?... You felt a tinge of frustration at being so close, and yet not knowing even where to find him.

Standing at the heavy mahogany door, you pressed your ear against it and concentrated on the sounds coming from the other side.

"I can't always be the one to rescue you!" Is that what I just heard? It sounded like a woman's voice.

"You don't have to rescue me. I knew what I was doing!"

A man's voice. Not too dissimilar to Michaels. Your eyes froze in their sockets.

"You did?" The woman's voice again. "That's not what it looks like to me. You're always chasing ghosts and you never know who is behind them!"

What are they talking about? Please don't let this be about me. I have no idea what is going on right now.

The man spoke again. "I'll call you next time I see one of those ghosts, and you can deal with it for me. Okay???!"

The loud sound of footsteps on a wooden floor emerged from behind the door. Someone was coming!

"Shhh!! Someone is coming!" said both the man and the woman at the same time.

You turned your head and looked around over both your shoulders.

Hold on... Wait.... If they think someone is coming, and I think someone is coming... Then either they're coming towards me, or I'm going towards them, or... Someone is coming from somewhere else. Oh brother I don't like this!... Or... You very tentatively placed your ear on the door again, this time as if the door was hot to touch.

What was that? You could hear music...

"Scooby dooby doo... Where are you... We need some help from you noooow!"

The Scooby Doo show! That's what you'd been listening to?!!!! It was enough to make you go nuts!

"That's it," you said outloud to yourself. "Maybe this is a sign that I need more sleep and I really shouldn't be wandering around this house in the dead of night." You took a very deep breath, smoothed out the creases in your nightgown, and turned towards the descending flight of stairs.

"AAAAHHH!" you screamed, a little too loudly.

"There you are."

The second fright of tonight happened when you turned to face the stairs, and saw Michael standing there facing you.

"Are you okay? What.... what are you doing all the way up here?" Michael hadn't moved towards you, and he stood looking very puzzled.

Oh boy. This was it. There was little time to collect your thoughts... You just came out with it.

"Michael, I thought you were up here. I ran up what felt like a million stairs.... to try to get to you."

You wanted to say, "But I obviously found the wrong room," and explain the rest of the story, but the words were stuck in your throat.

Your face was suddenly burning hot, having laid out all your cards in that one short sentence. To try to get to you.

Michael was one step short of the landing. He too was frozen in time. His black silk pajamas were the only thing to move, as they blew gently in a mild breeze filling the air. At least that's what you thought... The truth was, he was slightly trembling. He didn't know what to do next.

You both stood there like that, face to face, until you cracked your serious expression with a smile.

"Someone is listening to Scooby Doo in there," you said. "And I thought it was your room. Lucky I didn't go in there... Who sleeps there, the maid?"

Michael smiled the warmest smile you had ever seen on his face. "No... It's my children. I came up here after I left you, to say goodnight."

A second wave of embarassment came over you. How could you be so foolish! In a wave of passion you could have burst in on his kids!

Michael was laughing now, and you realised that he must have put the whole scene together and found it hilarous.

"Haaahahahaa!! ... I'm sorry but - hahahaha!!!" He suddenly didn't seem to care how much noise he was making. Eventually you started laughing too. As he bent over, doubled-up with laughter, you caught a glimpse down his pajama shirt and you were laughing whilst at the same time being completely turned on.

Michael sat down on the step to catch his breath, and you flopped down onto the step behind him. He was still smiling, and as much as you loved to make him laugh, right now you just wanted to wipe the smile off his face. You suprised him by breaking the merriment with a hot kiss on his neck. It was a sign that you wanted him, but that you were too shy to kiss him on the lips.

Michael was not so reserved. He took your face in his hands, and those short seconds until your lips made contact seemed like forever. Maybe it was that he was freshly showered. Perhaps it was that there was only thin fabric between your smouldering bodies. It could have been the unspoken words, the lack of agreement as to how far things were going to go tonight. It might have been that you knew this was completely the wrong place in the house to be doing any of this. You consdered the thought that deep down you reckoned this could just be plain wrong. It may have been because of any and all these things, that as Michael kissed you, you broke any respectful distance between you in such a hungry and passionate way... That you both knew there was no going back.

Michael broke the kiss. "We can't... not here..." he said, looking at the door to his children's room.

You both walked hand in hand to the next flight of stairs down. Michael was on the top step to the descending flight of stairs, and you were one step below him, when your hand travelled down and cupped his round shapely ass. Michael winced with pleasure and bent over to hold you in a red-hot kiss. Because of the stairs and your difference in height, he towered over you. His intense manliness made you feel primal. Thoughts, feelings and reservations went flying out the window.

You pulled away from him, hooked your fingers under the elastic, and pulled down his silky black pajama pants. To your delight he wasn't wearing any briefs and his massive cock sprung out at you, pointing right up into the air. And up into your face. Like a bull seeing red, you were red hot seeing balls. It was like it was built in to your DNA when you closed your mouth and the first few inches of your throat, right around his fat, throbbing dick.

This was the greatest pleasure Michael had ever known.

"AAHHH!.... Yeees!!!" he cried out loud.

Knowledge that you didn't know you had took over you, as your mouth slipped back down his cock in the other direction. You could hear the slick wetness of your saliva along his shaft, as it slithered out of your throat. Something inside of you wanted to pay more attention to that beautiful cock. You took it in both hands, and decided that it was time to feast when your eyes took in the sumptuous mushroom shaped head. Your hands started at his balls, which felt soft. You kissed them and heard Michael moan. You licked the base of his shaft, all the way up to the head. You circled his shaft with your hands, careful not to touch the head, and then you dived in and sucked on it. It felt and tasted so good. As you were sucking on it, it was turning you on more than you could have imagined. It turned you on that you could please him this way.

You suddenly felt an urge you couldn't resist, and you pulled back and pulled your nightdress over your head. Michael's quick hands unclasped your bra, and his hands circled your breasts, leaving your nipples wanting attention. You followed through with your urge and took his cock in your hands again, and rubbed it all over each of your nipples. The sight and feel of you doing this was almost too much for Michael, and hot white pre-cum came streaming out the end of his dick. It only made the feeling better as you slapped his dick against your titties. You pushed your breasts together and fucked Michael's dick with them. You could see how much he wanted to come. You felt hungry again, and you sucked on his dick again, giving Michael the most skillful blow job any man had ever had. Right there on those stairs. It was like having a loaded gun in your mouth. All at once - the gun went off, and Michael exploded into your mouth. You were in sex heaven. "OHHH GOD!!!" he screamed out. He threw his head back as you sucked and hand pumped out every last drop of his semen.

Michael fell onto his back, and you could feel carpet burn in your knees, where you had been kneeling all this time. His legs were spread open before you, and he was lying on his back exhausted. It was the most erotic thing you'd ever seen. To your shock and amazement, his dick was still erect. Unbelievable. It was like an open invitation. You allowed Michael a few moments to catch his breath, and to remember how to use his head again.

He sat up before you, his eyes completely glossed over with lust and sex. He held your hands in his, watching you, his eyes freely running over your body. You were fully turned on right now. You moved in and sucked on the head of his penis. "No wait - " he said, pushing you away. He wasn't pushing you away because he didn't want you to do that, he was doing it because he wanted more. He stood up and pulled you to your feet. Not for one second did your arousal wear off, as he took you by the hand and led you to the the closest room to you.

The moment you were inside the door, Michael was all over you. He pushed you up against the door, and you remembered when he'd dry-humped you earlier tonight against the wall for over an hour. The only difference this time, was that there was nothing stopping this from going all the way. Hands, lips, tongues, sucks, nips, caresses, the wanton and the gentle were all over you.

"Michael..." you managed through a tongue sandwich. He pulled away from you, and for a moment you could see love in his eyes instead of pure lust. But that look went away in an instant. He pulled you over to the bed, and he sat down on the edge of the bed, with you standing between his legs. He slowly unbuttoned his pajama shirt, and tossed it aside, now fully naked. A quick tug at your knickers had you two standing bush to bush. He made his way up the bed, so he was now lying on his back, with his frightfully erect cock swinging in the air as he moved himself into a comfortable position on the pillows. He reached his arms out to you, and you crawled up the bed and lowered yourself ontop of him. This was the first time you had held each other naked. The realisation of that piecered through your lusty haze and you were both suddenly quite emotional. You went to kiss him, but instead you chose to rest your head on his chest.

"I...." he started to say something.

"I know Michael... I know," was all you could say back.

* * *

Once again, feelings of love gave way to the intensely sublime feel of Michael underneath you, and the feel of his skin. You wanted to kiss him all over his body. You started at his face, and kissed your way down his neck. He resisted you because he wanted to touch you in the same way. But this was something you just had to do, so you pushed him back down and said, "Please... I have to." He nodded and laid back with his eyes closed.

There was a light trail of hair on his chest, which you swept your fingers through. His nipples. Oh god those nipples. They were just made for your mouth. You sucked on his nipples and wondered if it felt as good for him as it does for you when he did that. You worked your way down his stomach, and bore your tongue deep into his belly button.

"OOH!" he cried, arching his back when you did that. You didn't need to know if he liked that, because his penis was now even more erect than ever. But you weren't going to give him any more head-play, his cock had had enough attention so far. You kissed the inside of his thighs, and worked your way down to his feet.

"Michael... turn over," you said. He opened his eyes and slowly rolled over to lie on his stomach. You couldn't help yourself. All those years of looking at it in pictures and in videos, and now you could have a taste of it for yourself - that ASS. You grabbed each cheek with your hands and rolled the his fleshy buttocks in your hands. Your vagina was so soaking wet right now. You laid face-down on top of Michael's back, and rubbed yourself on his ass. "Uhh... Uhhhh.... Mmm...." you moaned, right into his ear. You could feel your wetness slicking all over his ass and the contact with your clit was intense.

"Oh no you don't," Michael teased. "You don't have to play with yourself tonight," he said, and rolled over. He took you in his arms and gently rolled you onto your back.

This was it. The moment you were going to lose your virginity.

"It's okay... I'll do this right," he said in a deep sexy husky voice.

He opened his mouth to say something more... But the passion took over the two of you. He flung your legs apart with one swoop, and you could smell the sex in the air as he thrust himself deep inside you, filling up your entire being. There was a slight sting which actually felt really good. You were burning up.

"FUCK ME MICHAAAAAEL!!!" you screamed, pulling at his hair and arching your back. Michael thrust inside you again, and it was as if this was his exact purpose in life. He was breathing really heavily, and you were moaning into his neck as he slowly slid his rock-solid, cum-coated penis out of your pussy, and forced it back in you again. "HARDER!" you cried and he didn't need telling twice, as he pushed himself up on his hands and rammed himself in and out of you. He banged you slowly, in and out, in and out, and then he quickened his tempo, rocking the bed and fucking your cunt like it was his profession. You were getting rammed. He fucked you in and out, in and out, soaking wet, in and out, fuck that pussy in and out. You were sweating and almost couldn't breathe, because it felt sooo good. Michael caught your eye and grinned, because he knew what more he could do to increase your pleasure. He bent down slightly and took your erect nipple into his mouth. You screamed out in pleasure. He pulled at your breast with his mouth and fucked you with his tongue around your nipple. Your clit was now on fire, and needed attention. As if by magic, Michael seemed to know this, and when his dick came out of you he ran it all over your hot swollen clit. You had a mini orgasm, the shockwaves from your clit running right down into the deep gorges of your pussy. Michael's dick poked and prodded against your clit until tears started streaming down your face with the pleasure. He sucked at your titties at the same time as you had multiple orgasms. You relaxed back into the bed breathing heavily because you thought it was all over. But Michael put his arm around your back and pulled you up to his chest, and balancing on the bed with one arm he rammed his rod deep into your vagina and soldier-fucked you until you damn near couldn't breathe. Each time he fucked you deeper. "Uhh!! Uhh!! UHH!! UHHH!" he groaned, as he thrust in and out, in and out, rhythmically fucking each fibre of your cunt. "God! I... UHHH!!! AHHH!" he breathed, as the skin on his dick enjoyed intense contact with the most perfect receptacle it had ever known. It was all getting to be too much. "FUCK ME MICHAAAAAEL!" you screamed, tossing your wet hair from side to side, banging the bed with your fists as you begged him to fuck you into release. All you could hear in the room was the sound of his pubis slapping against yours, and the squelch of his wet rodding penis impaling you over, and over, and over, one second in, one second out, rubbing your clit, and fucking your pussy, and then.... No more.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH" you both screamed at the same time, convulsing into the biggest body-shaking orgasm that rocked every nerve in your bodies. But Michael's cock suddenly swelled to six times it's size, and the feeling of such a massive cock inside you put you into a legendary state of complete erotic bliss, and Michael felt his whole body glow as he shot the biggest load of cum into you over and over, each wave of semen splashing against your vagina walls making you come harder and harder. Each orgasm he felt was greater than the next, his penis shooting out seismic waves of pleasure, until you both lay there, unable to breathe, eyes rolled to the back of your heads in a permanent state of orgasm.
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PostSubject: Re: Neverland Valley Ranch   April 9th 2010, 1:47 pm

Wonderlust wrote:
I found this fic on the "Neverland Nights" site and I have to say I have NEVER read such a lemon in MY LIFE! OMFG. IT killed me sooooo softly, then it murdered me VIOLENTLY!! I hope you enjoy it too :DD Break out your defibrillators gurls!! LOL xDD


Wonderlust wrote:
"FUCK ME MICHAAAAAEL!!!" you screamed, pulling at his hair and arching your back. Michael thrust inside you again, and it was as if this was his exact purpose in life. He was breathing really heavily, and you were moaning into his neck as he slowly slid his rock-solid, cum-coated penis out of your pussy, and forced it back in you again.

The description..... IS INDESCRIBABLE...wait ...that.. doesn't make sense

Wonderlust wrote:
"FUCK ME MICHAAAAAEL!" you screamed, tossing your wet hair from side to side, banging the bed with your fists as you begged him to fuck you into release. All you could hear in the room was the sound of his pubis slapping against yours, and the squelch of his wet rodding penis impaling you over, and over, and over, one second in, one second out, rubbing your clit, and fucking your pussy, and then.... No more.

Ooooww p.s. thanks for warning me the defibrillator saved my life
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PostSubject: Re: Neverland Valley Ranch   April 9th 2010, 3:10 pm

oh holy crap
* dead *
the defibrillator didnt work
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PostSubject: Re: Neverland Valley Ranch   April 9th 2010, 4:03 pm

OOMIGAWD jalisa! Your quotes from the fic are EXACTLY the ones that made my Brain Implode xDD Its just one Insanely, ridiculously, OBSCENELY EROTIC FIC. *0*

O NO!! I was able to save jalisa, but Cat^^ died ! Dx

I'm sure it was the BEST death EVAH tho!! LAWL!
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PostSubject: Re: Neverland Valley Ranch   April 9th 2010, 4:06 pm

well worth it!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Neverland Valley Ranch   April 9th 2010, 7:54 pm


That was quite literally FUCKING amazing and my nieghbourhood should be prepared for a FLASH FLOOD WARNING!!!!!!!

Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn!

You ladies will have to say something nice at my funeral because I *gasp* can't *gasp* breathe *gasps again then falls over dead*

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PostSubject: Re: Neverland Valley Ranch   April 9th 2010, 8:58 pm

omg! i've never read anything like a good way! haha...i honestly don't know what to say except that i think i'm just as out of breathe from reading this story as the character is from fucking michael hahaha Razz AMAZING STORY!
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PostSubject: Re: Neverland Valley Ranch   April 10th 2010, 12:12 am

I'm dubbing this the 'Thriller' of Michael fanfiction...just my opinion.

This literally just blew my mind. I've never read one quite like this. The detail is amazing. The first thing that made me melt was when Michael reveals how he knows 'you' and that he'd also had gifts to give you.
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PostSubject: Re: Neverland Valley Ranch   April 10th 2010, 6:20 pm

The Thriller of all Fanfics, I totally agree
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PostSubject: Re: Neverland Valley Ranch   April 11th 2010, 3:55 pm

MJKage, YES Its outstanding! Gives us all something to try to surpass or AT LEAST match in its insane detail and backstory!

I totally flipped when I read she - 'you' lol the second person style was almost too much xDD - found out Michael loved her back and had kept all the gifts she'd sent him. @.@

What a wild imagination! I would have never come up with something like that!
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Neverland Valley Ranch
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