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 My story of becoming an MJ fan...

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PostSubject: My story of becoming an MJ fan...   February 13th 2011, 11:41 am

Well, where to start…

Michael Jackson...At first I didn't know who he was. I was familiar with the name, I just didn't quite know who he was.

I had first heard "Thriller" when I was 8 years old. I loved the song…It's just that the only thing that bothered me is that I didn't know who sang it. All I knew is that, and I quote, "The guy's got a cool voice."

When I was 9, I kept hearing his name. I kept asking, "Who is Michael Jackson?" His name was just so familiar to me, I knew he was famous, but I just didn't know what he did for a living. And people were giving me, as I look back, false answers. Things like, "He's this creepy dude" or "This guy who had surgery to turn himself white" or even "This dude who touches little boys". Now, considering I was 9 years old at the time, I didn't like doing research to see if they were lying or not. I just decided to go with it. Pretty stupid of me, I know…

When I was 10, I thought, "Alright, I'm gonna find out who this guy is once and for all." So I searched his name on YouTube (because I'm a huge YouTuber and Google just doesn't cut it for me), and guess what suggestion popped up? "Michael Jackson - Thriller". I thought, "Oh. My. Gosh. He was the guy who sang 'THRILLER'?? This is so AWESOME!" I looked at lyric videos for the song and learned all the lyrics in just a few days. The music video freaked me out the very first time I watched it (and it still kinda does, not in a bad way though), but hey, I was young.
"Thriller" was officially my favourite song.

Then came the day I heard about his death. It was one day before the last day of 5th grade - June 25.
I was on YouTube, listening to "Thriller" (ironically enough), when I heard my mom say, "Oh my god."
I paused the video and said, "What? What happened?"
My mom replied, "Michael Jackson died!"
My reaction started with a dumbfounded "What??" I rushed over to where my mom was standing, and there it was. There was the headline, "Michael Jackson dies".
I had so many thoughts buzzing through my head. "What the heck happened?" "That was quick!" "I didn't expect this to come up so soon." "But I only started listening to his music like, a week ago!" "This sucks!"
"Wow," I replied. "Just…Wow. That's just sad."
The next day, everyone at school was talking about it. It was a real mood killer for the last day of school.

In grade 6, when I was 11, my fandom for him had built up pretty quickly. I had gotten 2 of his albums over the summer. The problem? I was worried what others might think. I hid my fandom for quite a long time.
But then came the day we were all told to play a song for this project in class. You see, each of us was to bring a song in and play it, and each person in the class would rate it out of 10.
I brought in my iPod, which only had Michael Jackson music on it. I decided to play "ABC". I faced the class and said, "Just don't laugh, OK?" I played the song, and everyone liked it.
I started to come out of my shell about being a Michael Jackson fan as time went by. I noticed how many of his fans there were…Ewan, Ryan, Charlotte, Darya, and I discovered more and more as the time went by.

Now, considering I'm posting this on an MJ pervs forum (Haha), I thought I'd share how I fell in love with him and…Well…Felt "that way" about him.
It was the middle of March 2010. I was laying in bed, with my "The Essential Michael Jackson" CD on replay. It was 3 in the morning - I couldn't sleep. So I was listening, kinda jamming out to "Remember The Time", and as the song was about to end, I thought, "Hmm. Now if I remember correctly, I think a song called 'In The Closet' comes on after this. I haven't heard it before, but it seems like a pretty cool song."
So it came on, and I was thinking, "Hey, this is cool. It has a really good beat and all. Very dance-able."
Then I took a good listen to the lyrics. I remember thinking, "Oh. Wow. This is kind of a naughty song… Well! Dang, I wonder what the music video would be like."
So the next day, I watched the music video. I thought something along the lines of, "Holy moly…OK, OK, OK, I just HAVE to admit it. This video's kinda sexy…" I was thinking that I was falling in love with him, but I always denied myself. I always told myself, "C'mon, Cal, get a hold of yourself. I've been a huge fan of this dude for such a long time, but falling in love with him is gonna be quite an impact."
But then I heard the acapella version AND the extended version, then that was it. I fell deeply in love with the guy.
I was worried that I was the only one who was in love with him, but I discovered more and more people who were (*Ahem* Mikegasmic forum).
I began to get even more confident about being in love with him, so I told a few people. I first told my best friend, Saz, because she was the one I trusted the most.

But anyhoo, at the beginning of grade 7, I got even more confident.
At the beginning of the school year, we had a project in which we were supposed to go in front of the class and tell a bunch of stuff about ourselves. So I said to the class, "…And my most favourite music artist is…OK, don't laugh…Michael Jackson. I really love him."
After that I discovered even MORE people who were fans of him, and that made me happy.
Even one person in the class, Charlotte, discovered that I really, y'know, "like" him.

That's my story. Hope you enjoyed it!
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PostSubject: Re: My story of becoming an MJ fan...   February 14th 2011, 5:21 am

wow. that made me cry! :'(
(in a good way)
it bought back so many memories from june 25th 2009 :'(
thank you so much Cal for sharing your story Very Happy i love finding out how people found out about michael Very Happy
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My story of becoming an MJ fan...
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