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 Wardrobe Love part 2 (continued)

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PostSubject: Wardrobe Love part 2 (continued)   January 4th 2010, 1:00 am

He never responded with
words i just felt his body pressing against mine Slowly goes down and starts
kissing my neck, reaching my hands on top of my head, trying to dominate me,
slowly he began to push me against the wall, and i put myself in a comfortable
position, sitting down, he reached down to kiss my lips, the sensation was
amazing, same as my heart was melting and getting really turned on right
now...michael moved one of his hands down on the sides of my body, softly
rubbing my leg and inner thigh, i slide my hand down and grab his butler
costume shirt to press him more against me, then he makes a pause and whispers

“are you still afraid,

“Oh Michael!”- i was
literally running out of breath

pressed my lips against
his own, and we entered in this passionate kiss, went down and kissed his neck,
the temperature was rising really fast now, i could feel his hard love stick
poking on his pants mmmm.... so i raised my left leg, pressing it against the wall and rubbed it softly on his erection, making
him even harder, then he suddently stopped everything and whispered

“baby, wait wait... i
...can’t,i cant do this...” he panted

i didn’t listen to him,
and did not stopped until he backed off from me and removed my hands from his

“whats wrong michael?”

“Its not you!, i just feel
this is not good, for both of us”

I looked down to his pants
and noticed his HUGE erection pointing at me, just there looking so big and
nice, i just slide my hand down to it, and start to rub it softly, before he
could even say anything else

“Oh no... i can’t...
plz....this is wrong”

I just keep rubbing him
soft, then a little harder

“are you sure, dont you
like this?”

He was trying hard to
fight back but at the moment he was sooo turned on he just let me
continue....closing his eyes rolling them back and licking his lips, all i
heard from him was very powerfull moans, breath real hard, by now i was really

i took his pants down and
use my teeth again to pull his underwear down....I’ve had complete control of
him right now...

The Night came down with
rain and thunders and the light went off with it while we were being wild
lovers, we had nothing but the moonlight shinning above us

His huge and hard love
stick pops out of his underwear, i stroked it soft and hard, he was loving the
feeling of my hand working him really nicely, i started to tease him kissing
the tip of it...then i put my whole mouth into it i could barely take the
everything...he was huge!

“ GOD!” He moaned,
bit his lips and leaned his head back on the wall, rolling his eyes back, he
had all his wet curls on his neck with the sweat dripping off ,totally beautiful!, i began to
slide my hands up, putting them inside of his shirt rubbing his chest while i was sucking him, he grabs
one of my hands and starts to suck on my fingers!

we stand up and ripped his
suit and shirt off , he was loving this....! suddenly he grabbed me from the
sides of my body and turned me against the wall again...facing him, so now he
took control over me, which i didn’t mind of course, he started gentle putting
his hands on the sides of my body, then he went slowly down between my legs,
and started to unzip my jeans, while he was doing this he slides really slowly
on my body going down and starts to kiss my stomach while taking my pants down,
sliding his hand up between my legs starts to rub my panties slowly then goes
faster, making me moan real hard, so now he slides them down, taking them off
he puts his finger inside me, moving it in circles, pushing it in and out of

He quickly put another
finger inside and started to go harder reaching my g spot, i already wanted to
explode but i also wanted to hold it and make him cum hard

“Girl you’re so tight and
wet! You love this don’t you?” He said surprised...

Then he grabbed my leg
rest it on his shoulder while i put my hand on his other shoulder and head for
support. He pushed himself against me pressing his lips on my spot, now he had
his 2 large thick fingers inside and his warm tongue working me really good.

“Ooohhh Baby!
You totally know what you’re doing, don’t you?”- I panted...

He didn’t responded and pushed his tongue deep
inside of me making me want more of him!

“Holy sh*t! Aarrghh! FUCK
YES!, Give it to me! ” i screamed... he was about to make me cum on his tongue
eating me out, but before i could do that he removed it from my flesh and he
whispers in my ears

“Oh yeah you want it,
baby...How Bad do you want it?” , that
actually turned me on even more!

“Baby please!! I want you
so SO badly! I can’t hold it!’re going to make me cum so hard! Please
don’t stop now!”- i begged

So now he turned my body
facing the wall, he spreads my legs and starts to rub his love stick on my
spot, just teasing me and that became a torture,for just a few seconds he
tortured me like this, then he spanked me hard twice, pulled my hair backwards
and whispered:

“Oh yeah, you gonna get it
baby, you are gonna feel it inside you”- He teased me, biting my earlobe....

His torture with me wasn’t
over yet, he slides his manhood on my entrance, pushing it in and out just to make me know what i was about to
feel inside me, he wanted me to beg him for more, i screamed for mercy then he
finally stopped his torture, and get it really hard inside of me....aaahhh it
was awesome and the way he was dirty talking was delicious!

He’s felt great inside of
me, he made me moan and scream and almost cry at the beginning...he had me
against the wall for a few minutes, then we changed the pose,i turn my body to
face him, even though it was dark, it was such a turn on to feel him breathing
on my neck!! michael grabs my left leg and put it around his waist, then my
other leg, putting me back inside of him...the rain was slowing down, so
michael walked over to the front door of the wardrobe, now we could see our faces
with the lights outside, i saw his face with sweat dripping down on his face,he
was exausted... finally i rested my legs on the ground, and touched his face
very softly smiling to him, he gave me one of those sexy smiles letting me know
this wasn’t over yet...

i turned my head to the
window, and watched the rain dripping on
the glass...

“lets go outside!” michael
chanted with a husky voice

“are you crazy!?, its
raining out there!, and another thunder might strike us again!”

“Yes, babe im crazy *wink*
Trust me.... i have an idea!”

Michael opened the door , there
was a shelter out of the roof, so we were not going to get wet there, he
grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the wardrobe, pushing me against the
window from outside, i quickly realise what he wanted, so i followed his idea,
and so we started again...still we were getting a bit wet from the rain, we
made love outside in the rain, until he could not hold himself anymore, he hold
me tight against his body and finally exploded inside of me. it felt so

“Oh Michael, you are
Amazing!, that was so good!”

“You didn’t spect a
Butler,to be a great lover huh?” he flirted

“And you didn’t know girls
scouts can give more than box of cookies?” I flirted back raising my eyebrow...

“Well now im aware of that”
he joked

We both laughed so hard
and for an instance our eyes made this strange conexion, stearing at each other
for a min, we finally fell a sleep.

“We make a bow for now,
that we just KEEP IT IN THE CLOSET”

If Michael stares at me like this  affraid

Im just here like

P.S. Always show your true colors and be PROUD 

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PostSubject: Re: Wardrobe Love part 2 (continued)   January 4th 2010, 5:34 pm

DAMN GIRL THAT WAS DELICIOUS! From the wardobe to the rain. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!! I was turned on by the butler!
I liked the
“And you didn’t know girls
scouts can give more than box of cookies?” I flirted back raising my eyebrow...
part. so cute!
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PostSubject: Re: Wardrobe Love part 2 (continued)   January 4th 2010, 7:53 pm

damn it now im jealous i wish that sexy ass butler
would have served me up a piece of him

that was so freakin hot sex in the rain (daydreamin)
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PostSubject: Re: Wardrobe Love part 2 (continued)   January 4th 2010, 8:27 pm

Hot dayyum! That was fantastic! Making love in the rain....awesome!!!!!!!! *dies* just won yourself a nick name fo' LYFE!!!! "Naughty girl scout"!!!! i love it!!!!!! You're a fantastic writer Jesz! Keep on, baby! Keep on!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Wardrobe Love part 2 (continued)   January 6th 2010, 5:56 am

“And you didn’t know girls
scouts can give more than box of cookies?”


another awesome hot story Jess Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Wardrobe Love part 2 (continued)   January 30th 2010, 10:45 pm

i totally agree
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PostSubject: Re: Wardrobe Love part 2 (continued)   

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Wardrobe Love part 2 (continued)
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